Beardstown School Board Candidates

Aaron D. Stock
18 Woody Ave.,
Incumbent - Serving for 6 years (was appointed to finish a term plus re-elected to full term)
    Funding: With the state not fully funding schools we need to prioritize our dollars. Our district doesn’t enjoy a large industry base for local dollars to help our budgets.
    Continue to make our district the best possible learning atmosphere for a well-rounded education.

Jack Fearneyhough
1000 S. State St.,
Delta Air Lines, B-777 Captain, International
Incumbent - Currently completing a 2-year term
    The single largest issue facing the school district is finances - balancing the budget.  With the state of Illinois' abysmal financial condition, school districts all over the state are financially struggling. Our district is burning through our reserves and headed toward the same financial wall.  There are only 2 sources of revenue for our district: state assistance and local taxes. We must budget within the revenues available to us and that simply means: reduce spending.
    We can provide an outstanding education opportunity for our youth, with broadening experiences in extracurricular programs, and control spending. But let me be clear, nothing is more important in our school district than the education system. I will do whatever it takes to protect the classroom.
    The future of our community is, in large part, dependent on the successes of our school district. If we want to "raise the bar" for our community, it has to start with the school system.
    First: Ensure the school district is fiscally secure.
    Second: Provide as many opportunities for our students as we can afford.
    Third: Enhance the vocational education opportunity for our district.

Lou A. Wubker

Jeff G. Unland
107 W. 17th St.,
Retail sales and real estate investor
    I believe one of the major issues facing our school district is the lack, and possible reduction, of sufficient state funding to provide our students the education they deserve.
    I am willing to pursue all avenues available to encourage a realistic funding solution and support Senator Andy Manar’s proposed legislation equalizing state aid payment to schools.
    I want to assist in providing quality education for all of our district’s students.

Ronald O J Simpson