99 miles to the finish, Corridor 67

    Corridor 67, Inc. lined up an impressive cast of government officials and community leaders to speak at last week’s annual meeting in Jacksonville. The meeting was opened by John Power, who has lobbied for Corridor 67 since 1989 and acts as a major player in its advancement.
    Power introduced Senator Dick Durbin who gave a brief history of the project, the current state of affairs in Washington, and an educated estimate as to what is needed to move things forward in order to finish the 99 miles left on Corridor 67.  
    Senator Durbin stated that in order for Corridor 67 to have reached the point that it is at and for it to be completed a coalition consisting of mayors, newspapers, both political parties, and community groups must continue to work together. These sectors of society must speak with “one voice locally.” He spoke to the dramatic economic and retail growth in areas of Corridor 67 that have been completed.

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