‘Poleless’ fishing tournament set for Aug. 7-8 in Bath

    The 10th annual Original Redneck Fishin’ Tournament will be held Aug. 7-8 in Bath at 218 W. First St.
    The event, in which fishing poles are not permitted, is designed to help eradicate the overpopulated "flying" Asian carp from the Illinois River. The tournament will include four heats lasting two hours each. When a heat is over, participants will bring their fish to the boat ramp where the count will be totaled.
    The rules are for participants to "catch" as many Asian carp as they can in the heat, using one-handed nets, their hands or simply by being on the water and having the carp jump in the boat. No fishing poles are allowed. It is illegal to throw any of the Asian carp back into the river once they've been caught.
    Each heat will award four places for the most fish caught and one best costume in that heat.

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