‘Amazing Grace’ [Part Two]

    In last week’s article, I introduced you to the origin of the beloved hymn “Amazing Grace,” written by slave-ship captain turned Christian, John Newton. This week I thought I would unpack the first stanza of this classic hymn and see if we can discover just how amazing God’s grace really is.
    First, there is the CAPTIVATING PRESENCE of grace! The song, “Amazing Grace,” has captivated the hearts and minds of worshippers for generations, but I don’t believe it’s the melody or harmony that is so inspiring. It isn’t really the song itself; rather it’s the presence of God’s grace within it that captivates us and compels us to listen.
    The first words of this enduring hymn declare: “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!” And therein lays the secret to the song’s staying power – it is the captivating presence of grace.

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