They’ll be uncovering the stories... the night the Routt player got angry and tackled the Triopia cheerleader, the day the pilot landed his plane on the highway in front of the high school, the Arenzville boys who put a chicken in their... more
    Dreams: we all have them, but how often do they come true? For some of us, sadly, the answer is never. For others, though, like a soft-spoken girl of 17 whom I had the pleasure of sitting down with at the Mile 88 Bar in Beardstown a couple of... more
    The residents of Parkside Apartments in Beardstown have begun receiving monthly visits from Elizabeth Buck, a reflexologist from the Alton area.    Reflexology is a brand of physical therapy which targets the feet, hands, and ears. Buck’s... more
    The investigation continues into the reason for a lagoon breach at Cargill and the causes of a fish kill at the marina and city pond. Although several possible causes are being considered, no final determination has yet been made.    Don Holland... more
Occupants of two vehicles escaped serious injury Saturday afternoon following an accident two miles south of Virginia. According to Illinois State Police, Syntiche Jupsie Nagaito Yengali of Beardstown began to veer offroad, then overcorrected,... more
Riverside Memorial Company was chosen March 2015 Co-Business of the Month. Riverside Memorial Company is owned and operated by Carl Hood and has been in his family since the late 1930s. Carl’s father, Wilbur C. Hood, went to work for the gentleman... more



According to KHQA, Beardstown High School entered a brief period of "soft lockdown" on Wednesday.


    Mark and Beth Clark of Virginia and Dan and Judy Williams of Petersburg are pleased to announce the engagement of their children, Mary Beth Clark and Jared Williams, both of Petersburg.


    Megan Smith, a Virginia product, begins her third year as the head coach of the Lady Redbirds and she feels she has not only the experience this season but a whole lot of talent to go with it.


    Harry R. Thomas, 78, of Littleton, passed away at 4:50 a.m., Tuesday, March 31, at Countryview Care Center in Macomb.