April 24, 2014

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Fundraiser to benefit area hospice PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor,
On Saturday, March 22, the Cass-Schuyler Area Hospice will hold their annual fundraiser at the Beardstown Elks Club. For over 19 years, the Cass-Schuyler Area Hospice has provided, at no cost, for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people suffering from terminal illnesses, and the people who love them, in Cass, Morgan, Scott, Brown and Schuyler counties. This fundraiser will help raise funds to provide significant support to our hospice services and enable us to continue enhancing the quality of life for each patient and supporting the family throughout their bereavement period.

Consolidation offers expanded curriculum PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
In my 24 years of teaching in the A-C Central school district, I have been involved in four consolidation campaigns. One was successful, two failed and one is to be determined on March 18th. In all four campaigns, the main reasons the consolidation discussions began were curriculum, extra curricular offerings and finances.

Consolidation not in best interest of kids PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
It is clear the consolidation issue between A-C Central and Porta school districts has created passionate debate on both sides. Even as Board President, I am only one of seven voices on the school board. Voices which have been duly elected by a majority of voters of the district. In April 2013, four board members were elected to the school board, all whom ran on an anti-consolidation platform. The results of this election were enough to convince the majority of board members (five of seveen), that a direct mandate from the electorate, regarding the issue of consolidation, was not only self-evident but needed to be followed.

Don’t overlook judicial elections PDF Print E-mail

On Tuesday, March 18, Illinois voters will have a chance to cast their ballot in the primary election for national, state and local offices.
Sadly, voters often overlook the many candidates running for retention or election as judges. This is unfortunate as judges make critical decisions that directly affect our daily lives. Learning about the qualifications of judicial candidates, and voting for those who are most qualified, will help ensure that we have a quality judiciary. Bar association evaluations and newspaper endorsements are a reliable, independent and relevant source of information about the candidates’ qualifications.

Hopes for a new, stronger district PDF Print E-mail

As the current board president for the PORTA School District, I wish to express my hope that our two districts can come together to create a new, stronger district. Our two districts have terrific students who get along well and outstanding teachers who are dedicated to our kids’ futures. Also, I wish to offer some history and respond to some misleading statements that have been made about PORTA.

Overview of proposed consolidation PDF Print E-mail

To citizens and taxpayers of Ashland-Chandlerville District #262:
OVERVIEW: In recent years, A-C Central District has had two different Committees of Ten recommend consolidation. I am not a great believer in the Committee of Ten process. Members are usually chosen because they are in favor of consolidation and I have never known a Committee of Ten that didn’t recommend consolidation. They should gather information, present it to each Board of Education and then stand back. There should be no pressure on individual boards for or against the consolidation movement.

Consolidation a step backward for A-C Print E-mail

As the seven-term Cass County Board Chairman, a local business owner, and an educator, I considered myself a progressive person in key areas... including local schools. So... I worked for the Ashland-Chandlerville consolidation, and supported the original A-C Central-Virginia consolidation plan with a high school in the Philadelphia area.

Consider other options before consolidation PDF Print E-mail

Residents of the A-C Central School District.
On March 18, you will have the opportunity to vote regarding the issue of consolidation of A-C Central and PORTA School Districts. Based on the sound financial condition and the growth of the student population, a consolidation of A-C Central is not required. If a reorganization becomes necessary in the future, please consider the following:

Former student shares opinion about consolidation PDF Print E-mail

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Kelli Ruppel. I graduated from A-C Central in 2007. I have recently gained interest in the controversy over the A-C and PORTA merger. As a former student, and one who came out of the district fairly recently, I feel it is my duty to voice my opinion about this issue.
In case some of you do not know me, I will start with a little background about myself. I was born and raised in Chandlerville and attended Chandlerville/A-C schools my entire life. I graduated valedictorian of my class in 2011 with a very high GPA and an ACT score of 34. I was blessed with a full scholarship to MacMurray College. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, with a 4.0 GPA, I am currently enrolled in the Physician Assistant program at St. Louis University.

Conservative judges needed, states Kent Gray PDF Print E-mail

Recently, I was shocked when my opponent in our race for circuit judge told a newspaper in Springfield that he doesn't believe in strictly interpreting the Constitution. He went on to describe his Constitutional philosophy as: "I like to use as much discretion as I think I can possibly get away with, to put my own spin on what I think the answers should be." Earlier in the campaign, he told a reporter that he is a social moderate.


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