September 2, 2014

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Shoe drive nets 2,517 pairs of shoes PDF Print E-mail

A huge thank you to everyone who helped spread the word and collected shoes for our 2014 Shoeman Water Projects Community Shoe Drive. Through combined efforts, 2,517 pairs of shoes were donated to SWP this year with 20,777 coming from the Jacksonville area since January 2010.

Park district submits grant request PDF Print E-mail

Residents of Beardstown Park District:
Our park district has just recently (March 10) submitted a $2.5 million IPARC grant request for funding assistance for a new public swimming pool. The letters of support from our community for this project along with financial donations from individuals, businesses, service clubs and children have been very heartwarming and much appreciated.

Grateful to be honored PDF Print E-mail

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the lovely playground dedicated in my honor for the years I worked in the Beardstown School District.

Victim urges sexual assault victims to speak up PDF Print E-mail

My name is Kynli Smith and I am writing you this letter because I am a victim of sexual assault. My abuser was just sentenced on March 10, 2014. I wanted to write this letter and share my story with you because the sad fact is I am not alone. There are so many other victims of sexual assault out there. I hope that by sharing my story with you, hopefully more victims of sexual assault will come forward like I have and break the suffocating silence. I’m going to try my best to explain my story to you, but normally the most important things are often the hardest things to say. So I am going to do my best.
I was molested by a man that I trusted and loved, a man who was supposed to go to my ball games, take me fishing and support me. Instead my abuser took my trust and innocence away when I was eight-years-old. The abuse stopped when I was around 12 when I moved away from Beardstown. I have carried the abuse, the burden and the shame with me over the years.
At first I did not realize that what was happening to me was wrong because he was supposed to love and take care of me. But, as I got older I soon realized that I am a victim of child molestation, and my abuser is a pedophile. Once I realized this I was too afraid and somewhat ashamed to tell anyone. I knew this would break my close-knit family apart, and I was also nervous about the abuse being seen as a personal weakness.

Resident calls for responsible voting PDF Print E-mail

I received a flyer from Eva Lynn asking for my vote on March 18. I went to school with her daughter and know them both to be good people and Eva to have good credentials. And I believe she and her fellow Democrats do what’s best for our town and county.


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