August 23, 2014

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Prairie Skies Library District thank you PDF Print E-mail

The Prairie Skies Library District, children of the 2014 “PAWS TO READ” summer reading program and their parents would like to thank the following businesses for their support.

Wanting to get in touch with brothers PDF Print E-mail

My name is Donnie E. Wubker and I am wanting to get in touch with my brothers. They are Rusty John Wubker and family and John Wubker and family and Jessie Carl Garmon and family.

Broadway comes to Beardstown PDF Print E-mail

Broadway came to Beardstown with the BHS/HPF presentation of ”Grease.” What amazing performances from the magnificent cast. Great performances only occur after hours and hours of hard “work” on the drama, the songs and the choreography. The performances were skillfully guided by Allison Wilson, Shaver Tillitt and Cathy Megginson.
The performances couldn’t have occurred without many “behind the scene workers,” including but not limited to Sue and Steve Wilson, the cast parents, the chorus boosters and the HPF members. A big “Thank You” also goes to Cargill for their great financial support.

PAWS to READ 2014 a great success PDF Print E-mail

Virginia Memorial Public Library would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of those local businesses and individuals who have helped make the PAWS to READ 2014 Summer Reading Program a huge success. This program was made possible through your generosity. Moreland and Devitt, BPS Fuels, Cass Communications, Welch Attorney at Law, Reynolds & Sons, Little Man Heating and A/C, Petefish, Skiles, & Co., Cargill Meat Solutions, Dollar General Foundation, Virginia Learning and Fitness Center.
Virginia Memorial
Public Library

Standing room only at Park District Theatre class play, ‘Thwacked’ PDF Print E-mail

The parking spaces around the Beardstown square and beyond were completely filled on Wednesday, July 2. People passing by123 State Street asked, “What’s going on?”
What was going on was a standing-room-only children’s play entitled, “Thwacked.” The play was being presented by the Park District Theatre class in cooperation with the Beardstown Opera House.

National Infertility Awareness Week April 20-26 PDF Print E-mail

I am writing in response to the article titled, “A-C Central teacher blasts ‘bully tactics,’”published April 3, 2014.
Thank you to A-C Central teacher Carrie Jo Donnan for speaking out against the A-C First mass mailer which read, “Promises are like babies – easy to make but hard to deliver.”

Don’t vote for me. I have an ax to grind PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
Don't vote for me, I have an ax to grind. When talks begin about a Virginia and A-C school consolidation, (and they will), I want to serve on the Committee of 10 or be on the school board. However, don't vote for me because I have an ax to grind.
You see, in 2010, the A-C school board agreed to enter into a two-year agreement with Virginia High School to co-op sports.

New immigration reform needed PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
Our country was built, with a solid immigration policy in place, by hard working immigrants. Now with an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in our country, new immigration reforms should be put in place to allow healthy law abiding illegal immigrants to become legal citizens. But in doing so, we must protect the health, welfare and safety of our current citizens, while paying close attention to the pocketbooks of our taxpayers.
Reasonable people working close to and in our community estimate that we have 1,000 to 3,000 "illegal" immigrants living in Beardstown, Cass County, Illinois. (Pop. 13,600). Many illegals work, and but for violating immigration laws, abide by our laws. What seem like a significant number of the illegal population do not work and do not abide by our laws. During the course of a year, we process hundreds of illegals through our criminal court system for felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic cases. Illegal juvenile offenders are also processed, and human services through DCFS are made available to illegals in parental abuse and neglect cases. These additional costs in our justice system cost our county and state taxpayers for police (city, county and state), probation officers, interpreters, county jail expenses, and DCFS workers; also, we pay for parenting classes, anger-management training, alcohol treatment, substance abuse treatment, and mental health evaluations and treatment. Many of our illegals try to avoid prosecution. Cass County has 282 arrest warrants for illegals that have been issued and remain outstanding, but not served, because the illegals have left our area, are in hiding, or are now going by a new fictitious name. These warrants were issued primarily because after receiving notice to appear in court for some violation, they simply refuse to appear.

Rural schools must either change or decline PDF Print E-mail

My name is Mark Lounsberry and I have served as a board of education member for 24 years and just left the PORTA board one year ago. I have watched the process of the referendum unfold and I am not surprised by the defeat of this proposition. It is not my intention to make derogatory statements about individuals involved but I do want to express my thoughts on what just occurred and where do we all go from here.

The Committee Of Ten says, 'thank you' PDF Print E-mail

We wish to express our thanks to everyone in the A-C Central School District for the opportunity to engage with you in a conversation about how we might best improve educational opportunities for our children.
We are especially grateful to the many people who took the time to participate in the Committee of Ten public meetings and hearings. Your questions were excellent and spurred many good discussions. The public comments were helpful and contributed to the process. Also, thanks for your encouragement, which was gratifying.


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