April 17, 2014
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Yeovil is a town in England, a town like Beardstown that has flood problems. Yeovil is about 130 miles west of London, and near the English Channel and experienced an unusual flood during January. The River Severn nearby is full of the winter’s rain and snow, and at the same time there were 75 to 80 mph winds blowing an abundance of sea water up the river from the English Channel, thereby flooding Yeovil and thousands of farm acreage. All of the roads into Yeovil were flooded for a few days.
In better times, this town, which is thousands of years old and first settled by the Romans, has a population today of around 37,000. It was 70 years ago, during World War II that the U. S. Army had built Camp Houndstone at the edge of Yeovil. It was on January 8, 1944, when Charles Chambers, not much more than a teenage soldier, left the family farm near Bluffs Springs, and arrived at Camp Houndstone. Chambers was trained as an Infantry Replacement at Camp Walters, Texas, before  being sent to England.

Park District needs local citizens to show support for new swimming pool PDF Print E-mail

The middle of winter isn’t the usual time to be talking about a swimming pool. But it is important for the Beardstown community. It was on August 11, 2011, that the inspector for the Illinois Dept. of Public Health told Park Director, Steve Megginson, that the swimming pool would not be able to open the next Memorial Day unless a lot of repairs and construction changes were made to meet new state laws, and they had to be done before the next summer. __PUBLIC__

Pool lawsuit goes all the way to Supreme Court PDF Print E-mail

AL DICK ET AL VS  ROY ROBERTS ET AL. That was the way it was printed, over and over again, as the law suit progressed.
The Roberts family was led to believe that everyone who lived in the country disliked Roy Roberts. They began to receive letters in the mail: “Why don’t you move to town?” and “How would you like to have your barn burned?” They were unsigned letters of course, but there were a few nights that it wasn’t easy for his wife and he to go to sleep.

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The swimming pool election was a success, 1,188 to 627, but there was opposition as was taken from a page in the Beardstown Park District History:
This is a personal story regarding the friendship of Alford Dick and Roy Roberts, yet it also includes a big part of the history of the Beardstown Park District History.

Beardstown votes for a pool PDF Print E-mail

Not many remember that there were problems 60 years ago when Beardstown was trying to get a swimming pool. Now it is that time again with the park director trying to get the town a pool. Not many recall that in trying to get that first pool, the Park Board was sued and the law case went all the way to the Supreme Court before we could build the swimming pool.
The History of the Park District isn’t completed, but those early years are ready for the printer, and for the next few columns I will use parts of that history.

A little of this ... a little of that ... PDF Print E-mail

According to Evangelist Harry Camping, who unsuccessfully predicted the end of the world in December 21, 2012, now has his own world end.  He was 92.
The New Year started with a New Year’s Eve celebration here at the retirement home; the notice above the fireplace said that it was to be from 8 pm. to 9:30 pm. About 35 of us senior citizens sat around with funny hats on, listening to the music we used to dance to. One younger man was able to dance and had three volunteers. The best part of the party was the table with punch, shrimp and other good party food. That hour and a half was plenty long enough for all of us. We could go to our apartments, get in our recliners and watch the replay of the celebration of the New Year in Sidney, Australia, then Hong Kong and Japan followed by New York City.

Anniversary is a big deal PDF Print E-mail

We didn’t realize it was such a big deal to have a 70th anniversary.  Except that we must admit that during the last three months we did pray that God would let us live until the 23rd of December.  Our children had a three day party for us at the Hampton Inn in Springfield, and every one of our 38 member family was there which we enjoyed very much.  After our anniversary dinner there was a slide show that our granddaughter Jessica had made.  She had asked the other family members to send her pictures and she made a nice slide show of our lives (Christine and mine) which we enjoyed as did the others.  One item that they gave us was an antique frame that had this printing: 

Christmas with the family PDF Print E-mail

Merry Christmas to everyone. When you read this I will be able to tell you that we just finished three wonderful days with our family. Some time ago our four children asked what we would like to do for our 70th wedding anniversary. Let us think about it, we told them. Then a little later when we were asked again we told them that it would be nice to be with all of them, the four children and their spouses, the ten grandchildren and their spouses and the ten great-grandchildren.

Musical brings back memories of Vermont PDF Print E-mail

The revival of The Sound of Music last week was watched by over 18 million people and was shown again on Saturday night. It was a live Hollywood filmed musical and we enjoyed it very much. Perhaps it isn’t as good as the Julie Andrews version of the original movie but it was still entertaining. The Hollywood staging was very good.

Health insurance woes continue PDF Print E-mail

It is my policy to avoid discussing our government, but I was told we could keep our health insurance, and we can’t. The insurance we have has been so good, we never had to use it until we reached retirement age. Since then, during the last 40 years we have had a dozen occasions to be in the hospital and we have been in the doctor’s office over 120 times, and yet, it has never required us to pay a single penny. We have received over $150,000 payments for all our expenses. Of course that insurance, with Medicare and our supplement insurance has cost us a little over $6,000 a year.  


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