September 3, 2014

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At 6:15 p.m., June 6, Virginia BBQ Little Miss contestants will perform a dance and fashion show before being escorted on stage. In their formal gowns on stage, contestants will answer a question. The Little Miss contestants are sponsored by Scotty’s Auto Parts in Virginia and director is Kim Mefford.


BBQ queen pageant June 6

The Virginia BBQ Queen Pageant will be held June 6 following the opening ceremony and Little Miss Pageant. The pageant will consist of a group dance for the talent portion, a runway fashion show to portray each girl's personal sense of style and a prepared speech on a specific topic. The contestants will attend a luncheon on the day of the pageant where they will be interviewed by the judges. The interviews will determine the Miss Congeniality recipient.
The judges this year include returning judge Marsha Shomidie a Springfield resident and Vice-President Branch Manager for Illinois National Bank's Pleasant Plains Branch and Valerie Woodrum an Athens resident and Vice-President, Branch Manager of Illinois National Bank's Springfield, Chatham Rd. Branch.
The Queen's duties include attending all major BBQ events and representing Virginia at various functions throughout the year.


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