August 27, 2014

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Beardstown IGA to close its doors PDF Print E-mail

By Sandra Haschemeyer
Star-Gazette editor
Beardstown IGA will soon close its doors.
“It’s the business climate,” owner Steve Kremer said. “We can’t afford to keep the doors open and pay all the bills.”
Kremer said the exact closing date is”iffy” but expects the store to be closed by the end of the month.
Kremer and his wife Dena have owned the Beardstown store for 10 years. They also own the Mt. Sterling IGA store.
The hardest part Kremer said is that the store’s 27 employees will lose their jobs, noting that a couple of employees had been with the store for over 20 years. He informed his employees of the decision on Wednesday, April 16.
“We have great employees, they are wonderful,” Kremer said. “It’s kind of like family.”
The store’s hours will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. He is planning a close-out sale.
Kremer said he had tried several things to attract more customers but to no avail. He said he had been considering the closing for a couple years.
“The business had just suffered; we lost business over the last five years,“ Kremer said. “I’m not blaming anyone. It’s just business.”
“We had great customers who became friends, employees who became friends,” he said. “We’ll take a lot of memories with us.”
Kremer will continue to operate his Mt. Sterling store.
Kremer purchased the business in 2004 from his father-in-law Darrell Perry. When the business was first located at the plaza it was owned by Perry and his partner at that time Bill Roe.


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