September 1, 2014

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Don’t vote for me. I have an ax to grind PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
Don't vote for me, I have an ax to grind. When talks begin about a Virginia and A-C school consolidation, (and they will), I want to serve on the Committee of 10 or be on the school board. However, don't vote for me because I have an ax to grind.
You see, in 2010, the A-C school board agreed to enter into a two-year agreement with Virginia High School to co-op sports.
In 2011, one year into this two-year agreement, four members of the A-C school board decided they didn't want to uphold their part of the deal. Those four board members voted to back out of the two-year agreement. My grandfather, Audace Herzberger, taught my father, Alan Herzberger, who in turn taught me that a deal is a deal. This is something that I've tried to teach my son. Unfortunately, those four board members were raised differently.
Because they did not keep their part of the deal, my son played football for Virginia/A-C his freshman, sophomore, and junior year, but could not play football his senior year in 2012.
I'm not saying he was good enough for a college scholarship, but he was in line to be starting quarterback and to learn the lessons organized sports teach young men. For him to work that hard for three years and then have his senior year "glory days" taken from him at no fault of his own was pure evil. This is why I have an ax to grind. He has gotten over it and moved on, but I obviously have not. So don't vote for me.
Someone else that you should not vote for is the guy with his old high school letterman jacket in the front closet. You know the guy; he tries it on and says it still fits even though it's tight in the arms and his gut sticks out six inches. Any thought of giving up home town sports is a deal breaker for him. Please don't vote for him.
Don’t vote for the person who says “no” to any new taxes. Of course, this is the same person who assumes his doctor went to a high school in a community that invested in education.
Please don't vote for that person who says that unless their town keeps the high school they won't even sit down at the table for a discussion on consolidation. This is not a person with an open mind, who considers what is good for everybody; he is just a bully.
Don't support that parent who has a student with a couple of years left in school, and whose only concern is how the consolidation will affect their child in the short term.
Also, don't vote for anybody that has served on a Committee of 10 in the past, or was a school board member. We should thank them for their past service, but it's time for new blood.
So who should you vote for? It is you, the person who read this letter and laughed, because you know these people that I am talking about; the person who is open minded, willing to listen, and compromise. The person who will look at what is best in the long run for the student, the community, the teachers and the tax payers.
If asked I will run, if elected I will serve, but please don't vote for me. I have an ax to grind.
Leo Herzberger
Vice president and charter member of the GGC Committee (Grow up, Get over it, and Consolidate Committee)