August 28, 2014

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The Committee Of Ten says, 'thank you' PDF Print E-mail

We wish to express our thanks to everyone in the A-C Central School District for the opportunity to engage with you in a conversation about how we might best improve educational opportunities for our children.
We are especially grateful to the many people who took the time to participate in the Committee of Ten public meetings and hearings. Your questions were excellent and spurred many good discussions. The public comments were helpful and contributed to the process. Also, thanks for your encouragement, which was gratifying.
While the consolidation proposal failed to pass in the A-C Central School District, we hope our research and findings provided both proponents and opponents with information that helps the A-C Central and PORTA schools. We also hope our work helps stimulate a continuing dialogue about how we all move forward.
From the beginning, all ten members of the Committee of Ten were motivated by one principal goal: how do we improve our schools and expand academic opportunities for all of our children. While people can have different opinions about how best to do that, we should draw strength from the realization that parents, teachers and citizens in both school districts share this goal. Thank you and best wishes.
Andy Biermann,
A-C Central
Bill Crone, A -C Central
Terri Devlin,
A-C Central
Allen Grosboll, PORTA
Ben Hollis, PORTA
Karen Hoffman,
A-C Central
Shelby Kinney, PORTA
Tracy Muller, PORTA
Laura Richard,
A-C Central
Kevin Thomas, PORTA