August 30, 2014

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Park district submits grant request PDF Print E-mail

Residents of Beardstown Park District:
Our park district has just recently (March 10) submitted a $2.5 million IPARC grant request for funding assistance for a new public swimming pool. The letters of support from our community for this project along with financial donations from individuals, businesses, service clubs and children have been very heartwarming and much appreciated.
Currently we have fundraised over $62,000. Cargill’s generosity will match up to $110,000 raised. Our share of the pool project will be approximately $400,000 if we are lucky enough to receive the grant – we should be notified by November 2014.
Your continued support will make this dream a reality. All three local banks (Beardstown Savings, West Central Bank and the Beardstown First National Bank) have offered their services to receive donations for our pool project along with our park district at the Schewe Community Center. Our 501(c) 3 charitable organization enables all donations to be tax exempt.
Thank you for your support and let’s hope we receive the IPARC grant.
Steve Megginson,
Park District