September 1, 2014

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Traveling to presidential libraries PDF Print E-mail

By Roy Roberts
Trivia Too
When we had our motor home, a used one that I purchased from Art Jones, we sure enjoyed traveling in it. While traveling we were fortunate to have visited a lot of the Presidential Libraries. Roosevelt’s up in Hyde Park, The Kennedy Library in New York, the Truman and Eisenhower Libraries in Kansas, the Carter Library in Georgia, The Nixon and Hoover Libraries in California, the Gerald Ford Library in Michigan and the Johnson and George Bush Sr. Libraries in Texas and the best of all of them, the Abe Lincoln Library in Springfield. At one of the libraries it was stated that the children’s questions were unbelievable. It stated that the children today aren’t taught enough about the past great presidents. In a test administered by the U.S. Department of Education, 52 percent of the students thought either Germany, Italy or Japan was an ALLY of the United States during WWII.
I am still thinking about my last column regarding kidney problems. It is against the law to sell or purchase kidneys, although there are a lot of that done on the black market, especially in Africa, where a man’s family is starving and he sells his kidney for what ever money he can get. A London newspaper colonist recently put an ad in the London paper that he wanted a kidney for his sister, and he gave his address. He heard from 11 people who would sell their kidney, the highest offer was $50,000, then $30,000, and one couple wrote that they were Hungarians and wanted to go home and thought $20,000 would be enough. Some time ago I wrote about my friend John, a resident here, whose life changed a lot when he received a kidney and could go off dialysis. I asked him, “How did you get your kidney?” He said he waited five years, and was at the right place at the right time, and was lucky.
The weathly man who offered a million dollars to any one who picked all the winners in the NCAA basketball tournament was pretty safe. Although in spite of the first day upsets there were sixteen people out of over 3,000,000 entries who had picked them all right after the first day. By the second day there were none. There have never been as many overtime games and games decided in the last seconds as there have been this year.  The final four and the championship should continue being close.
I occasionally receive items from my readers that I could use in the TRIVIA column, The following are all from my readers, I thank you for that.
Strange story: In 1898, there was a novel titled TITAN, published by Morgan Robertson. It told of a ship called the TITAN, the same size as the Titanic  In that book the TITAN crashed into an iceberg on its maiden voyage on a misty April night. Fourteen years later on 15 April 1912, the S.S. TITANIC sank on her maiden voyage and over 1500 died.
SIGNS again: In a Wendy’s, “NO CELL PHONES PLEASE, Thank you, Thank you.” The funniest street names: NONE SUCH ROAD in Dallas, DINKY DITCH ROAD in Manito, and ITTY BITTY PLACE in Birmingham. The name of a ladies fitness center is, FIT HAPPENS.
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Another sign seen along a Northern  road, “PAULS DINER, 20 miles from almost anywhere.”
It is a nice feeling when you receive a tax refund, until you realize it was your own money in the first place.
Here we go again, August is going to be a strange month.  There will be five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays.  Don’t look for it to happen again as it will be 823 years later. Now who thinks that up?
We find that during the first third of your life, everyone told you what to do.
During the second third of your life, you told everyone else what to do.
During the last third of your life, everyone’s telling you what to do again.
The good thing is you can’t hear ’em, so you don’t care.