April 23, 2014

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Beardstown Youth Basketball Results PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Brockschmidt

The Beardstown Youth Basketball League wrapped up its 2013-2014 season on February 5 with make-up action. In the battle for the Rising Stars Division title opener, it was the Yellow Zombies over the Green Goblins 14-4. Lew Barker knocked in all four points for the Goblins in the losing effort. Good team ball was the key to the win as all four Zombies scored with Connor Ellis, Evan Bell and Brayden Wooley getting four points each and Wade Swan two points. The Zombies ended  with a 7-2 record to win the  Division Championship.

In game two it was the Blue Ninjas with a 14-10 win over the Gray Pirates. Isaac Brockschmidt had 10 points and Abby Cowell had four to lead the winners. Brendan Dailey had eight points and Braxton Baer two points for the Pirates.
In the All-American Division the Gray Sharks were this year’s Champion. Team members are Ryan Snow, Declan Larakers, Ryan McClenning, Gabe Herzog, and Wyatt Morgan.
The Champion of the All Pro Division was the Gray Spurs. Team members are Christian Scego, Clayton Hill, Alexander Sanchez, Zach Hollis and Jacob Pate.
The Beardstown Youth Basketball League would like to thank the United Way and the Beardstown Park District for making the league possible, the parents and families for their support and all of the players for their participation and hard work.



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