April 18, 2014
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Each team played two games on January 29 to wrap up play for the season in the All-Pro Division of the Beardstown Youth Basketball League. In game one it was the Green Grizzlies doubling up the Yellow Pacers for a 16 to 8 win. Denzel McWilliams had a game high 12 to lead the Grizzlies, while Caleb Lyles and Rey Barralaga each added two. Brayden Booth had six and Quinton Pearn notched two points for the Pacers.
In game two, the Blue Blazers took advantage of a worn out Yellow Pacers squad playing back to back, and ran up a 22 to 2 victory.  All four Blazers scored with Josh Luna having 10 points, Treyvon McKinney six points, Anthony Borchers four points and Johan Avila two points. The Pacers got their only two points from Brayden Booth in the fourth quarter to avoid a shut out.
In the third game of the night the Gray Spurs held off a late rally from the Green Grizzlies for a 14 to 10 win. Jacob Pate poured in all 14 points to lead the Spurs to victory. Denzel McWilliams had six points in the fourth quarter and eight overall for the Grizzlies, while Adrian Mercedes knocked in two points in the losing cause.
In the final game it was the Gray Spurs taking a 10 to 8 decision over the Blue Blazers in an all-out battle. Jacob Pate had eight points and Zach Hollis two points for the winners. Treyvon McKinney had four points and Josh Luna and Anthony Borchers added two each for the Blazers. With the two wins, the Gray Spurs wrapped up the All Pro Division Championship with an 8-1 record.

In All-American Division action on January 30, the Green Gators barely held off the Yellow Coyotes to get an 8 to 6 victory.  Trent Murray and McKenna Maltby each had four points for the winners. Derek Lopez had four points and Heber Olivas two for the Coyotes.
Game two saw the valiant Coyotes fall by two points again as the Blue Cougars snuck by them 16 to 14. Alex Zuniga had 10 points and Cesar Huerta had six points to lead the Cougars. Chelsea Hohimer had eight points including six in the fourth quarter. Derek Lopez had four points and Heber Olivas added two as the Coyotes battled until the end.
In game three, the Gray Sharks outlasted the Green Gators for a 20 to 12 win. Ryan Snow notched 12, Gabe Herzog had four and Declan Larakers and Ryan McClenning each had two for the Sharks.  Trent Murray tossed in 8 and Zayne Pascal had 4 points in the losing effort.
In game four the Gray Sharks, who had to win to secure first place in the division, barely held off the Blue Cougars for an 18 to 14 victory. Ryan Snow had 12 points and Wyatt Morgan, Ryan McClenning and Gabe Herzog each had two. Alex Zuniga had eight points, Cesar Huerta four points and Bronson Bartlett two points in the tough loss. With the two wins, the Gray Sharks pulled into a tie with the Green Gators atop the division with six wins and three losses, and by virtue of their two wins and one loss against the Gators, are this year’s All American Division Champions.

In Rising Stars Division action on January 31, it was the Green Goblins sneaking by the Yellow Zombies in overtime 15 to 13 in the opener. Tripp Sharp, R.D. McGovern and Derek Rodriguez all made their overtime free throws to secure the victory. Sharp had seven points, Lew Barker had four points, McGovern had three points and Rodriguez had one for the Goblins. All four Zombies scored with Brayden Wooley and Connor Ellis each having four points. Evan Bell made the only overtime free throw and had three points and Wade Swan had two points.  
Game two was another tight contest as the Blue Ninjas also just snuck by the Yellow Zombies 12 to 10. Chris Tchaklizo had six points, Isaac Brockschmidt had four and Abby Cowell had two for the Ninjas. Connor Ellis and Brayden Wooley again had four each and Evan Bell tossed in two points for the tough luck Zombies.
In game three, the Green Goblins pulled away from the Gray Pirates in the second half for a 22 to 10 victory. Tripp Sharp had 12 points, Ezequiel Santiago and R.D. McGovern had four and Lew Barker had two points for the winners. Brendan Dailey had eight points and Lucas Cowan had two points for the Pirates.
In the final game of the evening, it was the Blue Ninjas running away from the Gray Pirates for an 18 to 2 win. Abby Cowell, Chris Tchaklizo and Isaac Brockschmidt all had six points in the victory.  Lucas Cowan knocked in the only two points for the Pirates. With the two wins by the Goblins and the two tough losses by the Zombies those two teams moved into a first place tie in the division with 6-2 records. They will face off for all the marbles Wednesday, February 5 at 4 p.m. in the makeup of a snowed out Rising Stars Division night.

* Following the makeup games will be the Beardstown Youth Basketball League Awards Night beginning at 5 p.m. All players will be awarded a medal and the first place team in each division will receive trophies. Players should all wear their team jersey for pictures and all parents and friends are encouraged to attend and bring their cameras.


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