April 24, 2014

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Absentee voting in General Primary Election to begin PDF Print E-mail

Michael C. Kirchner, Cass County Clerk, announces that any qualified voter desiring to vote an absentee ballot for the General Primary Election to be held March 18, 2014 may make application to vote, starting February 6, 2014 if:
1. They expect to be absent from the county of residence.
2. They have been appointed a Judge of Election in a precinct other than the precinct of their residence.
3. Because of official election duties on the day of election.
4. Because of physical incapacity, either temporary or permanent.
5. Anyone who will be observing a religious holiday on the day of election.
The voter may make application BY MAIL for an absentee ballot not more than 40 nor less than five days prior to the date of such election.
Kirchner stated any qualified voter who is physically able may vote an absentee ballot IN PERSON in the office of the Cass County Clerk, Cass County Courthouse, Virginia, Illinois, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Precincts 1-21.
Beardstown (Precincts 1-8), Hagener (Precinct 9), Bluff Springs (Precinct 10), Arenzville (Precinct 11) and Sangamon Valley (Precinct 12) residents should note that they may also vote IN PERSON absentee at the Beardstown City Clerk’s office beginning February 24, 2014.


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