April 19, 2014
A-C board faces concern over off-campus courses PDF Print E-mail

By Michael Kloppenburg
For the Star-Gazette
Questions over off-campus courses continued from last month in the A-C Central board’s January meeting last week. This month, teacher Dena Leinberger questioned whether money spent on courses at the Captial Area Career Center might be better spent elsewhere. Leinberger said the district was spending $24,000 to send eight students to the Center for half a day. She said the money spent is equivalent to a starting teacher’s salary, paying full salary for half-a-day’s job. She instead suggested that it would be cheaper and more efficient to use those funds for math and science courses on campus. She said what the board was doing “seems to be fiscally irresponsible.”
Despite Leinberger’s objections, the board approved the policies for the CACC courses. Board member Scott Boston voted against the policies. Eligibility for the CACC courses will be determined by seniority first and then by lottery. Students who enroll in CACC courses will be charged a $250 fee, half of which will be returned upon successful completion of their courses.
The high school will be getting a weight-lifting club. Teacher Jarrod Davenport presented the idea to the board and said he already had 24 students sign up. High school student Kristin Helton also made a statement to the board about interest in a weight-lifting club.
A-C will not be getting the full value of its interest return on its Qualified Zone Academy Bonds. Superintendent Tim Page said this is a result of the federal budget sequester. A-C will receive between 7 and 11 percent less than the $88,000 it would otherwise get.
Page reported that Pleasant Plains school district had responded favorably to an A-C letter of interest in an academic co-op. Page said the interest was in Advanced Placement and Industrial Arts classes.
Page reported that the district would be able to pull out of the Springfield Area Purchasing Co-op and purchase food from Hospital Product Services.
“We’re going to have better service, better products,” said Page.
Page reported on the later meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee. The committee has approved a district mission statement. Page said he was “very sincerely excited” about the efforts of the committee.
Elementary Principal Deborah Rogers reported that the new security system for the elementary school is up and running. She also said the elementary had received 31 new students since the start of the new year.
Technology Supervisor Brendon DeJaynes reported the technology improvements made over winter break went well.
The district has filed paperwork to obtain a grant from Monsanto.
The district received over $11,000 from the Cass County sales tax last month.
The board approved new job descriptions.


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