April 23, 2014
Communities need to create economic development opportunities PDF Print E-mail

Wayne "the Train" Hancock rolled into Virginia Sunday to perform at Dr. Ugs Drugstore Cafe and the turnout was incredible. His tour stops include cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Urbana; Austin, Texas and then there is Virginia. His music is amazing and everyone has a good time but more than that, this sounds like an economic development opportunity.
Anytime people will travel from hours away to come to your community for an event of any kind, they bring "new money."  This is money that hasn't been circulating around town passed from restaurant to grocery to gas station, it is brand new, never been seen before dollars. That is a great thing for any community. The challenge is how to create these events/shopping/ dining opportunities. This may require a bit more thought on what Virginia can or could offer to make this happen on a regular basis so put your thinking caps on.
Meanwhile, the Cass County Food Pantry's Annual Fried Chicken Fundraiser was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who made this happen, especially Rich Krohe, who fried chicken all day long and to Pat & Kelly Cagle for working tirelessly to make this event go off without a hitch.
The next food distribution is Monday, January 27 and volunteers are needed to pack those boxes. Contact Joanne Anderson at 473-5638.