April 17, 2014
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by Jason Brockschmidt

All-Pro Division
In last week’s action of the All-Pro Division of the Beardstown Youth Basketball League, it was the Green Grizzlies out running a flu-depleted Blue Blazers squad, who had to pick up two players on game day, by a 16 to 2 score. Denzel McWilliams poured through 14 and Adrian Mercedes chipped in two for the victorious Grizzlies.
Anthony Borchers was the only regular Blazer able to make the call and led a spirited effort, but it was Isaac Brockschmidt, signed from the Rising Stars League on a one-day contract, with the only two points for the Blazers.
In the second game the Yellow Pacers outlasted the Gray Spurs for an 18 to 10 victory. Brock Krumboltz had 14 points and Ethan Ross tossed in four points for the winning Pacers.  
Christian Scego had six points and Ryan McClenning also on a one-day contract from the All-American League, helped out with four points for the Spurs.   
All-American Division
In  All-American Division action, it was the Green Gators in a high-scoring battle over the Blue Cougars, 22 to 16. Balance was the key for both squads as all four players in action scored for both teams. Micah Wink had 12, Trent Murray and Zayne Pascal had four and McKenna Maltby had two points for the winning Gators.
Alex Zuniga had six points, Cesar Huerta and Blake Davis had four points each and Bronson Bartlett knocked in two points to lead the Cougars effort.
In game two, it was the Gray Sharks over the Yellow Coyotes 18 to 14. Ryan Snow had 10 points and Ryan


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