April 20, 2014
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By Lynne Beard
For the Star-Gazette
Chandlerville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Matt Vaughn asked the board if the fire department could move funds from Petefish, Skiles & Co. Bank to West Central Bank in Ashland. Attorney Jerry Tice replied, “I would have to draw up a contract to be able to transfer fire department money to the Ashland Bank.” The board approved drawing up the contract.
He also informed the board that lightening hit the tower on the hill and blew out one of the power strips. Andy Eustice, electrician, fixed it and wondered if the village had insurance that covered the repeater, an expensive unit that sends out all the signals from the village and fire department. The board will check into it.
Vaughn was also concerned with “hard water deposits in the fire trucks. The screens on the inlet and outlet filter some of it out, but not all of it.”
Ian Abbott, responded, “Water hardness is worse now than before. The new plant does not add lime softener. Calcium deposits and mineral deposits are worse now. We are on the bad well. We are trying to get on a schedule to switch to the other well every two months.”
Trustee Behrends asked if there was any additive that could be added to the truck to dissolve particles. Ian Abbott, street department supervisor, said, “I add polyphosphate in the water lines to help break up residue that clog the lines. It turns into a biofilm and is non-corrosive.” Vaughn would be checking into this.
Vaughn had a company look at installing a garage door opener for the front door. There was not enough room on the ceiling for installation. The fire department members have been closing the doors to keep the heating bill down.
The board approved a service contract with Corrpro for preventative maintenance to the new water tank every two years.
Abbott reported on the Corps of Engineers levee walk through. They said everything was good. The Corps wanted to know where the village’s maintenance stops on the levee and pointed out where saplings needed to be removed. The intake pipe on the pump was not covered in plastic. This needs to be fixed. Village needs to paint it to prevent corrosion. There will be a gravity flow inspection every five years. They want the village to keep a logbook every time the pump is used for future inspections.
The new one-way ordinance will be enacted at A-C Elementary when it resumes session after Christmas break. The route will be one-way from Lake Street, across N. Bluff Street, and down Mechanic Street from 7-8:30 a.m. and 2-3:30 p.m. Village crew will spend time painting crosswalks and installing signs during school break. The part-time workers are only working on an as-needed basis. Abbott also reported on the clean up of the trailer by the school. Most of the property has been cleaned up, the fence needs to be taken down, and sticks picked up.
Mayor Richard pointed out the village is losing money from bulk water sales. He wanted Ian to find a replacement box for the side of the fire department building.
“We don’t have a lot, but if we keep things clean and picked up and we do little things like keeping the sidewalks scooped off, the signs up and straightened and just make it look like a nice place to live, that is what people like.”
Mayor Richard discussed complaints from residents not wanting to use the community building due to echoing and sound being too loud when people are talking. The board will try to bring the sound down by hanging pictures on the walls.
The village passed three new ordinances: meeting attendance, cemetery, and no animals in the park during special events. Residents may view these ordinances at the village hall during regular business hours.


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