April 23, 2014

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Merry Christmas to everyone. When you read this I will be able to tell you that we just finished three wonderful days with our family. Some time ago our four children asked what we would like to do for our 70th wedding anniversary. Let us think about it, we told them. Then a little later when we were asked again we told them that it would be nice to be with all of them, the four children and their spouses, the ten grandchildren and their spouses and the ten great-grandchildren.
During the past Christmas time, when we would be at our former home, at the farm home of Ann and Jess for Christmas, she couldn’t begin to sleep every one in their house. With the kindness of both Vicki Biggs and the Bill and Judy Moore family, who were going to be out of town during the holidays, they let us use their homes and the eight extra bedrooms we needed. As you might know those homes have been sold or about to be sold, and are not available now. The families with babies, going back and forth from motel to the farm each day wasn’t a good idea.
Our request was to all be in a Springfield Hotel for three days.  The mothers could put their babies down for their naps (nine being three years old or younger), and one who is five. We could take our naps when we needed them, and we did need to do that.
They all agreed to this celebration and the families from California and Colorado and Chicago all came. The hotel had a swimming pool and they gave us a very large room for our get together, for the many games we played and where we could have lots of visiting time and our meals. Ann put up a Christmas tree as Santa would come there for a few of them. The hotel didn’t have a restaurant but provided us with a good breakfast each morning, the noon meals were soup and sandwich brought in by different families, and there was always Christmas cookies, beverages and snacks. Sunday night was pizza night and Monday evening was our anniversary dinner which was a catered meal.
On the morning of the 24th, Chris and family headed for a plane to take them to Florida. Don and his two daughters, and their families left for Bloomington and Chicago for more Christmas with their relatives. Sue and Rich have relatives in Jacksonville, and we hope to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with Ann and Jess, their three daughters and Amy’s twin boys.
Again, wishing you a Merry Christmas. It is the birthday of Jesus, that we know. Spread the good word.