April 18, 2014
Musical brings back memories of Vermont PDF Print E-mail

The revival of The Sound of Music last week was watched by over 18 million people and was shown again on Saturday night. It was a live Hollywood filmed musical and we enjoyed it very much. Perhaps it isn’t as good as the Julie Andrews version of the original movie but it was still entertaining. The Hollywood staging was very good.
It brought back memories for Christine and me as we have been on two different trips to Vermont and had dinner at the von Trapp lodge outside of Stowe, Vermont. The lodge is always busy at this time of the year and Kristina von Trapp, granddaughter of the real Maria von Trapp, visited with guests at the lodge as the movie was shown there last week.
Much of the story is fiction, however the family did escape from Austria in 1942 and they settled in Vermont because it was a lot like their home country. They built a rustic farm house and took in boarders. As the ski industry developed in that area they expanded only to have to rebuild after a fire destroyed their first lodge. One of the von Trapp daughters was also named Maria and she would teach accordion and Austrian dance at the lodge with her sister Rosemarie.
Four of the ten von Trapp siblings are still alive, but none live at the lodge, but three still do live in Vermont. It was fall when we visited the lodge but they say that the 96-room chalet style inn is beautiful at Christmas time. With its view of the mountains that reminded the family of Austria, the lodge is decorated with Christmas trees. In the restaurant, wiener schnitzel and apple strudel are on the menu. We know that they are on the menu all of the time
Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow – that is the feeling of the 90 residents at this retirement home. They don’t have to go out for anything, and there is eight inches of snow on the top of our car, and the trees and bushes are covered with snow and it is just beautiful.
It was only a few days ago and people were raking their leaves, tornadoes were abundant in our state and all of a sudden it is Christmas time. It seemed to come so fast.
I just read that 52% of the people believe in Santa Claus. The same poll said that 42% also believe there is a war on Christmas. Belief in Santa gives a spirit of joy and goodwill, whereas the “war on Christmas stirs up anger and ill will. I didn’t like the way employers have instructed their employees to say “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”
Greetings to every one as you hustle with all your last minute plans in the last few days before Christmas. For me, today I broke my personal record for most consecutive days alive. I am thankful for that record and want it to last another week because we are going to be with all 38 members of our family.