April 17, 2014
Christmas in Virginia a success despite weather PDF Print E-mail

Cold temperatures and breezy conditions didn't deter the crowd from lining the square Friday evening to watch the Third Annual Lighted Christmas Parade in Virginia. The theme was "Christmas Vacation" and Sweatman Farms interpreted it literally with their first place float in the individual division. Onlooker's faces were lit up as brightly as their Griswold house as they drove around the square with the music rocking the crowd.  Petefish, Skiles & Company Bank took first place in the business division and the Virginia Brownie Scout Troop won the non-profit category.
The Pie Auction moved everyone indoors at Dr. Ugs Drugstore Cafe where the winners were announced. In the cream pie category, first place went to Pat Daniel for her coconut cream pie, second place was awarded to Joyce Marr for her Blueberry Cheesecake, and Joyce also took third place with her pear cheddar pie. The Fruit Pie category winners were first place, Pat Daniel with her gooseberry pie, second place went to Pat Daniel for her pecan pie and third place was awarded to Betty McClure for her cherry pie.
Once the winners were announced, Mike Ryan started the bidding for the pies. The most interesting contest involved Betty McClure's cherry pie and two determined bidders. As it came down to the final two contestants, John Dahlem and Jason French, bidding bounced from one end of the cafe to the other, with a helping hand occasionally raised by Jason's son, Zach, who had his heart set on having his favorite pie. At last, the final bid was placed by John for $130, who upon receipt of the pie, carried it over to Jason's table for all to enjoy. True Christmas spirit made one happy young man! $645 was raised for the Christmas in Virginia fund.
Thank you to everyone involved in making Christmas in Virginia such a success each year, both those who organize and those who attend.  Keeping the community alive with festivals and events like these is so important. Thanks again!
Twenty-four shoppers met at Wal-Mart on December 2 to fill their carts with warm clothing for sixty-three children in the Virginia School district. The Needy Children's Fund makes this possible each year and is funded by church and community donations. Thank you to VHS students, Rachel Helmich, Dani Shamhart, Logan Boehl, Amber Bencher, Jake Werner, Josh Damotte, William Booker, Lauren O'Daniel, Brendan O'Daniel, Tiffany Gremsly, Ty Toquinto and Brett Turner.  Thank you also to the community members, Lenabelle Burrus, Marilyn Warden, Marg Skiles, Arlene Smith, Bonnie Smith, Janet Haglock, Ruby Miller, Dee Fair, Lisa Winnett, Bill & Betty Garver and Barb Ring.
Kim Merriman at The Eastside, hosted a wreath silent auction for the Needy Children's Fund during the Christmas in Virginia festivities. Wreaths were donated by local businesses and individuals and were displayed from Thanksgiving through Friday night. The Silent Auction raised $672 to be included in the funds for next year's Christmas shopping. Thanks to those who donated wreaths, Dr. Ugs Drugstore Cafe, Bev Mefford, Cass County Health Department, Eastside, Cass Communications, Petefish, Skiles & Company Bank, Virginia Inn Antiques & Such, Diane Brunk, First National Bank of Barry, Kim Mefford, Ben & Cara Bell and Barb Logsdon. Thank you to Kim and everyone who participated in the auction without whom it would not have been the success it was.