April 23, 2014

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Health insurance woes continue PDF Print E-mail

It is my policy to avoid discussing our government, but I was told we could keep our health insurance, and we can’t. The insurance we have has been so good, we never had to use it until we reached retirement age. Since then, during the last 40 years we have had a dozen occasions to be in the hospital and we have been in the doctor’s office over 120 times, and yet, it has never required us to pay a single penny. We have received over $150,000 payments for all our expenses. Of course that insurance, with Medicare and our supplement insurance has cost us a little over $6,000 a year.  
Under the new law we have to change our insurance. We have been covered by my wife’s teachers insurance and now we have to go to a new company which is going to have a premium that will cost more, and will have less benefits, and it will require a payment for each time we go to the doctor or to the hospital.
Even more disgusting is that we received a letter that says she has to prove that I am her husband. We are told that we could do that by sending the front page of our federal tax return, the last payment of our credit card and the last bank statement. I send this to a company over in Indiana that is paid to take care of this proof that I am her husband.         
I get a letter back, they don’t want my tax #1040; they want a certified tax transcript of the 1040, which I am told I can get on my computer. Starting that procedure, I have to enter my name, social security number and a couple other facts such as my address.
Whoops! What comes up on my computer in red is that my address is not comparable to the IRS records. I have paid my income tax from this address for five years, and they have no trouble sending me my quarterly tax envelopes each year, yet they say my address doesn’t compare with their IRS records, so I’m not able to get my tax transcript.
I then call the telephone number they gave me. I never get to talk to a person I just get a recording, I can punch one for this, two for that, three, etc. up to nine choices. When I punch number four, I get another choice of five numbers to punch; when I do that, I hear a foreigner’s voice, one who is so new to this country that I can’t understand her, except I thought she said that I would receive the transcript in five weeks; not soon enough.
I’m frustrated, too old for this, and I call our son who is going to fax what we have and before he does that he receives a letter saying that there have been so many having trouble that the deadline has been moved up to January 31.
There is another government problem. As you know the state is fooling with the pensions of many workers in the state. The State has robbed the pension funds so much for other uses, and with the State’s finances and accounting being worse than forty-nine other states, they have just passed a new pension law. It will probably end up in court as being unconstitutional, (that’s a joke) but not to one of our daughters. Because of her birth date she was born eight days too late, according to the new law it will cost her $18,000. She was busy last week calling every legislator that she could think of.
A Beardstown friend just sent me an email that said: “ENJOY LIFE, IT HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE.”
I am going to do just that, in spite of the above concerns.
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