April 19, 2014
Ruch seeks Democratic nomination for Cass County Clerk position PDF Print E-mail

Beardstown City Clerk Brian “Petie” Ruch today announced he is seeking the Democratic nomination for Cass County Clerk.
Ruch said he has been encouraged by residents throughout the county to bring his management experience and work ethic to bear in the Cass County Clerk’s office. They look to Ruch to replicate the successes he has achieved as Beardstown City Clerk. As city clerk, Ruch has long promoted greater transparency and increased use of technology.
“As Beardstown City Clerk, I have strived to give the office a greater presence on the Web, to make our transactions more transparent and to modernize office operations within budgetary constraints,” Ruch said.
“I have been encouraged to bring that experience to the Cass County Clerk’s office and put it to work on behalf of the people of Cass County. I am committed to doing just that. Hard work, transparency and modernization: those are my pledges and those are the things that I believe in as a public servant.”
Ruch said that as city clerk, he has been able to work with members of the Beardstown City Council to get things done even when there have been “differences of opinion.” He said that ability to be a “consensus builder” will help him when it comes to working with the Cass County Board and other local office holders to “make the clerk’s office a partner” in improving the delivery of services.
“I think you’ll find that the more information you make available electronically, the more paper you can save, and the more manpower you can redirect to help in other areas of the office,” Ruch said. “The biggest room in any house is the room for improvement.”
Ruch said that in talking with people from throughout the county, there is one thing that stands out.
“Whether you’re a taxpayer from Ashland, Arenzville, Chandlerville, Virginia or Beardstown, you want to know how your tax dollars are being used,” Ruch said. “I want to do more outreach to explain to them just what the clerk’s office does and how it can be of service to them.”
Ruch, who has served in a variety of capacities at the state level on behalf of municipal officeholders, said his strong connections to state government in Springfield will help the county when it comes to accessing state or federal assistance.
“I have tried to stay connected to those who are involved in state government because there are opportunities out there for local governments like ours to access scarce state dollars that can help improve county operations,” he said. “I think these connections will be an asset to the County’s taxpayers as well.”
Ruch is running for nomination on the March 18, 2014 primary ballot.


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