April 21, 2014
Chandlerville Board addresses Burgoo loss PDF Print E-mail

By Lynne Beard
For the Star-Gazette
Eldon Leinberger informed the board in October that the Chandlerville branch of Petefish, Skiles, & Co. Bank will officially close at 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 31, 2013. The bank is extending an offer to give the building to the village at no cost in the spring. The only stipulation is the building cannot be sold to another financial institution. The branch is closing for economic reasons. The board members will tour the building and make a decision to accept the offer at a later date.
Also at October’s meeting Verna Stone reported that Burgoo lost $1,558.87. Verna stated the loss was due to donations being down from last year and rising expenses for food. The board suggested replacing the carnival with blow up rides. They also wanted Main Street open for emergency purposes and the parade route changed back from south to north. Marinda Behrends was appointed village representative to the Improvement Council meetings.
Trustee Behrends led a discussion on late water fees. Currently, residents have 10 days from receipt of red tag to pay their water bill with a $10 late fee included. There are 50 to 60 red tags distributed in the village every month. Members of the board were concerned with the amount of time water department workers spend delivering the red tags. Trustee Behrends recommended a separate fee be charged to the customer who receives a red tag to deter late water payments. No decision was made.
At November’s meeting, Verna Stone addressed the board about results of the monthly improvement council meeting.  “John Conner didn’t feel like he could move the rides off Main Street and therefore, he wouldn’t just bring kiddie rides. He wanted to have both rides so we are letting the village board decide whether the carnival is coming back or not.”
The price of the carnival was discussed ($6,500) and ideas were brainstormed on how to sell more advanced carnival tickets. Verna commented, “We get the advanced tickets one month in advance. We sell the most tickets Tuesday through Thursday the week of the Burgoo. It will help us more if people would buy the advanced tickets earlier and not buy tickets directly from the carnival. The more advanced tickets we sell, the less we pay the carnival later.”
The board passed a motion to allow the carnival to come back if Main Street was kept clear in the downtown area and the parade route was changed back to the normal south to north route.
Mike Ryan represented the fire department. The last fire was the corn dryer at F/S in Chandlerville. The fire department was on the scene for 1 ½ hours. There are six new volunteers and they are currently going through training. Engine 2 was fixed at the cost of $9,000. Mayor Richard reminded the members to keep the doors closed at the fire station due to high heating bills.
Ian Abbott, street department supervisor, was present to answer questions about various work projects. The storm drains on Division Street keep plugging up with sand and rocks when it rains. Ian said that he and Ross Cloninger have shoveled it out several times. They will continue to do so after every rain. The undermining of Main Street in front of Elmwood Park needs to be dug up and filled in. This project will be completed in the spring. Crosswalks at the school need to be painted. New no parking signs were installed. Ian said the painting would have to wait until school recesses for Christmas break.
There are several houses in town where the water meter is inside the house. These will be replaced in the spring. Obtaining correct water meter readings is a problem at several residences. Johnny Ben Chesser, water department supervisor, said the EPA’s final inspection of the water plant went well. There were no major problems.
The board gave city clerk, Wendy Livengood, permission to purchase new payroll software at a cost of up to $500.
Treasurer Rossanna Flinn discussed red tags on the water bills and when to shut off the water if payment is not received on time. If residents receive a red tag, they need to pay it by the due date or call and make arrangements. Otherwise, water will be shut off at residences that fail to pay on time.


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