April 25, 2014

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A-C Central band students to participate in IMEA All-District band festival PDF Print E-mail

Several students from A-C Central High School and Junior High were selected for the honor of participating in the Illinois Music Education Association’s All-District Bands Festival. Auditions for this honor were held October 14. Students from all across Illinois prepared selections and performed basic skills and music exerpts for judges. Those scores determined who would participate in the All-District organizations.
The All-District festival was held on the campus of WIU in Macomb on Saturday, November 2.  Students from all over west central Illinois gathered to rehearse and present concerts in Western Hall. The young musicians got the opportunity to work with very talented clinicians and conductors. The junior high band was directed by John Heath, retired, from Batavia High School. John is a past ILMEA president and a very active conductor and clinician.
High school students got the pleasure of working with David Maccabee who is currently the director of bands at Unity Township High School in East Moline.
Junior High School selectees were:
Hannah Ratliff, the daughter of Mike and Jenny Ratliff of Ashland. Hannah is a flute player in the A-C Central junior high band and is active in band, choir, cheerleading, volleyball, softball, and student council.
Izyer Lincoln, the daughter of Yarvo Roberts of Ashland. Izyer is also a flute player and active in band, choir, basketball, volleyball, softball and student council.
High school selectees were:
Sabrena Reek, the daughter of Sheila Reek. Sabrena is a junior at A-C Central. She plays the flute and is active in band and participates as a member of the PORTA swim team.
Ty Kesselring, the son of Jackie and Brett Kesselring of Ashland. Ty is a senior and plays the bari sax. He is active in band, fall play, musical, STAR, and student council. Ty is a member of 2012 ILMEA All-District as well as an ILMEA All-State participant in 2013.
Cerys Boston, the daughter of Samantha and Scott Boston of Ashland. Cerys is a senior and plays the trumpet in the A-C Central band. She is active in band, fall play, musical, STAR, project 2000, natural helpers, foreign language club, student council, scholastic bowl, 4H, youth group, and FFA. Cerys is a 2012 member of the ILMEA All-District band.
Allyson Quick, the daughter of Gary and Dee Quick of Ashland. She is a senior French horn player. Allyson is active in band, fall play, musical, natural helpers, STAR, project 2000, foreign language club, FFA, student council and swims on the PORTA Swim Team. Allyson was a member of the 2012 ILMEA All-Dsitrict Band.
Hoaby Hoagland, the son of Dawn and Ron Hoagland of Ashland, is a junior tuba player from A-C Central. He is active in band, fall play, musical and scholastic bowl and natural helpers.


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