April 19, 2014
Twins set Guinness world record PDF Print E-mail

By Roy Roberts    
A few months ago there was a news item about the Hillcrest Middle School up in Wilmette, Illinois, that pictured and told about the 24 sets of twins in the same grade. The breakdown: three sets of boy-boy, 11 sets of girl-girl and 10 sets of boy-girl. Only two sets were identical twin girls.
In every way the 48 students are typical fifth graders who are into sports, their friends, their iPods and fighting with siblings.  The fact that they are in the same grade in the same school is enough to have them as a record in the next issue of the Guinness World Book of Records. An interesting fact is that in two of the pairings they were born at midnight, one before twelve and one after, so, they do have different birthdays.
When the photographer came to photograph the group the twins all wore matching outfits. There were a few with matching T-shirts identifying them as THING 1 and THING 2, another had I WAS FIRST and I’M A RUNNER UP,
We have two sets of twins who are our great-grandchildren. One pair came as natural as could be to one of the younger granddaughters. The other set to one of the older granddaughters who needed help from an infertility clinic. Now, with 24 pairs in one grade at one Wilmette school and even more twins in the other grades of that school, wouldn’t you suppose quite a few parents paid thousands of dollars to just have one baby; but lucked out with twins? It is amazing, the same mother, same father and technology that brings happiness to a lot of families.
I was wondering, how many twins there have been in Beardstown, and with help we came up with this list.

Adam and Amanda Jamison,
Heather and Nick Schnepper
Roy and Joy Ryan
Marilyn and Carolyn Schaeffer,
Jada and Jasmine Goerlich
Bob and Joe Soer
Robert and John Spencer
Ronnie and Donnie Sinnock
Bill and Phil Baer
Mary and Maude Treadway
Doris and Deloris French,
Chris and Tris Milby
Debbie and Dianne Cook
Darcy and Whitney Valente
Gale and Dale Lamb
Steve and Warren Davenport
Leo and Lonnie Savage
Gary and Gail Wessel
Harold and Jimmy Maltby
Matt and Mark Lehmkuhl
Inez and Irene Jokisch
Brice and Gregory Gibson
Allison and Abbey Self
Kurt and Chris Hance
Nina and Noland Arnold
Samantha and Marcus Blair
Harold and Bill Park
Trey and McKenzie Parry
Terry and Brandi Byus
Joe and Glen McCoy
Terri and Sheri Phillips
Rick and Randy Shores
Chris and Mick Crum
Phillip and Nick Knouse
Kelly and Shelly Rayburn
Paul and Alex Schultz
Emma and Sara Newman
Erin and Josh Lathrop
Cal and Brady O’Hara
Virgil and Verlin Parry
Mindy and Wendy DeLoche
Tim and Tom Dotzert
Marilyn and Carolyn Baer
Karen and Sharon Saylor
June and Jane Beghtol
Ronald and Donald Elliott
Jeremy and Jason Hall
I was wondering how many twins I forgot, and how many names are misspelled. I wish I could have met them all, because you know they were very cute at one time, and they still are very precious to someone.