April 23, 2014
Ordinances top Ashland Village Board agenda PDF Print E-mail

By Michael Kloppenburg
For the Star-Gazette
The Ashland village board passed ordinances tackling the problems of grease in the Ashland sewer system and grass that is allowed to grow too tall.
Grease created problems in the village’s sewer plant after recent rains according to Public Works Director Ronald Cave. The Grease Interception Ordinance will require businesses that use grease to have special sewer connections and give inspection rights to the village according to Mayor Terry Blakeman.
“It’s costing us in this town a lot of money and will continue to cost money if we don’t do something,” said Blakeman.
Board member Frank Wallace introduced an ordinance that the village board adopted that introduced a graduated penalty schedule for tall weeds. The ordinance includes a cost of $100 an hour for weed abatement plus a 25% administrative fee. Wallace said that in the graduated schedule a 5th weeds violation within 12 months would cost the owner of the offending property $1,000.
Repairs are proceeding at the village tennis courts. Cracks were recently filled with tar. The board voted to spend up to $2,500 on additional repairs. This includes a $1,000 donation from West Central Bank.
The board discussed getting a person from Ashland to sit on the county 911 board. Blakeman said that getting a person on the board was waiting on a decision on whether the 911 board would have 10 or 11 members.
The board modified the village zoning code. Agriculture will now be prohibited in Residential 1 zoned properties.
The board accepted a $1,000 bid for a 2001 car that was used by the village police department.
Cave reported that cathodic protection work had been done on the Ashland water tower.
The board made two $50 donations to A-C Central. One went to the Junior High cheerleader squad and the other to the high school anti-drug program.


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