April 20, 2014
Many vets respond to VA Healthcare Enrollment Program at Fall Festival PDF Print E-mail

A special “thank you” for the very successful turnout of veterans from Beardstown and Cass County who responded to the VA Healthcare Enrollment Program at the Beardstown Fall Festival.
A special “thank you” to the members of the Beardstown VFW Post who supported the enrollment outreach of the Illinois Lost Veteran Project and made it possible for a good veteran turn out.
A reminder to all of the veterans who were given an enrollment form at the Lost Veterans booth, it is extremely important that the enrollment form is completed and sent in with a copy of your DD-214.
If there are any vererans who did not get the opportunity to meet with me, Marc Patterson, at the Ilinois Lost Veterans booth, you can contact me at 217-494-5307.
Marc Patterson