April 23, 2014
2013 Beardstown Fall Fun Festival Car Show PDF Print E-mail

By Ralph Sabetti
For the Star-Gazette
We had 28 classes each having up to 3 place winners (3rd, 2nd, 1st)  per class.  To the right of the list of class winners is a Specialty Column.  In red are Specialty awards that were given based on judging.  Awards in Specialty in Green were subjective awards (Queens Choice, Mayors Choice, etc).  The top trophy winner was the Best Of Show, which this year was a 1929 Ford Model A pickup from Springfield.  Note that this was also the Police Chief’s pick.    Other Judged specialty awards were Best GM, Best Ford, Best MOPAR, Best Stock and Best Street Machine,  These were all judged best of these brands or types of vehicles in the show.   The Mike Grimes Memorial award is sponsored by Michelle Grimes and is picked by a member of the Car Show Committee who was designated the task by Michelle.
Class A 1st Richard Diseron;  2nd Dean Ewing;   3rd Kenny Cox; Class AA: 1st Jim Ford; 2nd John Ogden. Class B: 1st Robert and Carol Garland, 2nd JC Hardy. 3rd Lonnie Byrn; Class BB: 1st Terry & Bettie Blair. Class C Tyler Walton; 2nd Alex Prather; 3rd Cody A Simms. Class D 1st Matt Urish; Randall Fuqua; 3rd Tom Spears; Class E: 1st Sarah Fuqua; 2nd Mark Koster; 3rd Tim Halpin. Class G: 1st Ralph & Anna Parkinson; 2nd Dave & Karen Fasig; 3rd Craig Ivey. Class H: 1st Tim Smith; 2nd Judy Debis; 3rd Larry Phillips. Class I: 1st Errol Toland; 2nd Frank Meikle; 3rd Walter Hausafus. Class J 1st Phil & Kathie Collins; 2nd Chuck & Joan Brenner; 3rd Jim and Virginia Blevins. Class K: Scotty Blake; 2nd Donna Blake; 3rd Colton Walker.  Class L: 1st Mike Murray. Class M: 1st John Archer; 2nd Don Adcock; 3rd Linda Curry. Class N 1st John & Brenda Bramley; 2nd Bryan Bridgewater; 3rd Mike Bitner. Class O: 1st Roger Stock. Class P: 1st Tracy Ashcraft; 2nd James Jones; 3rd Randy Jarrett. Class Q: 1st Dale Utter; 2nd Lee Beard; 3rd
Marty Merrell. Class R: 1st Red Brobsten; 2nd Carl Smith. Class S 1st John Parker; 2nd Bob Edlin. Class T: 1st Randy Rigg; 2nd Debbie Crowe; 3rd John Carpenter. Class U: 1st  Lloyd Phillips; 2nd Ditmar Walker; 3rd Diana Paisley. Class V: 1st Brenton Dean; 2nd John Herzberger; 3rd Mike Paisley. Class W: 1st Mike Cantrall; 2nd Rob Funke; 3rd Save Wells. Class X: 1st Ed and Beth Krohe; 2nd Bruce Voorhees; 3rd Andre Conley. Class Y: 1st Eddie Johnson; 2nd Becky Hohimer. Class Z: Neil and Craig Danner.
Best GM: Joe Freymuth. Best MOPAR Sue Fritzsche. Best Street Machine Phil Murray.  Police Chief Best of Show Doug and Jaime Jasmon. Mike Grimes Memorial Steve Jones. Best Stock Don Sloan. Best Ford Steve and Dianne White. FFF Committee Speciality award Dean Ewing. Queen’s Choice Ray Heigl. Little Mister’s Choice Tim Smith. Mayor’s Choice Rob Edlin. Little Miss’ Choice Dakota Riffey.


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