April 23, 2014

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Dear Editor:
Re: By a Veteran
Unfortunately the Star-Gazette omitted the story that I submitted for last week’s issue. The article would have informed you of the origin of the proposed ALL Veterans Memorial. This project has been in the planning stage for almost five years and is aimed to honor ALL veterans, not just those from Cass County. I received a confirmation from the publisher that the article would be in the September 26 issue, but it looks like someone else decided that  something else needed more exposure than those who have served our country.
I hope that “By a Veteran” was able to get some assistance from the VA rep that had a stand at the Fall Festival this past weekend. Your issue is with the VA and not with an organization that is trying to honor those who have served and are still serving. I was unaware that the Star-Gazette’s policy now was to allow anonymous editorials. In the past, the paper has refused to print letters to the editor that I have signed my name to.
If you are a Corps veteran you should be proud of your service and are entitled to voice your opinion. The only problem is you didn’t get your facts straight before you opened your mouth. Go to the source and ask questions before you anonymously try to derail a positive endeavor. As you have stated, many veterans have had problems obtaining their benefits. I know of active and retired service members who did fight for what they were due. Remember, nobody promised you a rose garden; you were a member of the finest fighting force on earth. Adapt, improvise, overcome and never surrender.
God bless our armed forces and God bless America.
David Ballance