April 18, 2014
Cargill makes Beardstown Pool Project challenge announcement PDF Print E-mail
Written by julie   

Cargill Meat Solutions, Beardstown, made an announcement on Monday, that made Beardstown Park District Director Steve Megginson smile.
The stunning announcment: “Beardstown is in need of a new swimming pool for various reasons. The people at Cargill support this need and have agreed to match community donations received between now and October 1, 2014 of up to $115,000. Cargill challenges the businesses, as well as the people, to make contributions to help make this project a reality.”

Megginson was surprised and happy with the announcement. “The community has already raised over $25,000. If we can get another $115,000 over the next year then Cargill will match that. If we get the grant that has been applied for, then we will be able to show that as a community, we have raised $250,000. The approximate cost for the water park is estimated at $2.7 million.”
Donations can be dropped off and/or mailed to: Beardstown Park District Schewe Community Center, 6 Armory Lane, Beardstown, IL 62618 or any Beardstown banking facility.  



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