April 24, 2014

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The following real estate transactions were recorded at the Cass County Courthouse:

Gale and Rosemary Petefish to Gale and Rosemary Trusts and Trustees – Sec22T17R10- Sec27T17R10- Sec28T17R9- Sec29T17R9- Sec28T17R10- Sec7T18R9- Sec6T18R9- Sec12T18R10- Sec27T17R10.
Sandra Jean Parks to Adam and Chelsea Herter – Lot6Blk53 – Schl Comm Addn.
Roseanne Buck to Georgeann Buck Logsdon – Lot6Blk170 – Schl Comm Addn.
Roseanne Buck to Georgeann Buck Logsdon – Sec18T17R11
Partridge Inc. to Joey L. Johnson – Lot1&2Blk136 – Original Town of Ashland.
Patricia A. Moore to Teresa Anne Moore Snyder, Jeanette Lynne Moore Tanega and Roberta Jo Moore Hill – Lot10 – G.A. Taylor and Sec23T18R12.
Rosalinda Morato to Beardstown Savings SB – Lot1Blk155 – Schl Comm Addn.
Matthew W. and Wenndie S. Kline to Nathan and Melinda R. Gutman – Lot3 – Country View Subdivision.
Robert E. and Paula Kloker to Chris and Kari Kloker – Sec8T17R11.
Stephen E. and Tracey L. Patterson to Tyler Allen Looker – Lot65&66 – Ravenswood Court.
Kimberly R. Cooper to Kyle P. and Leah J. Devillers – Blk52 – Schl Comm Addn.