April 23, 2014
Former Chandlerville Village Clerk pleads guilty to two counts of theft PDF Print E-mail

By Jody Woltman
Star-Gazette Publisher
VIRGINIA - Former Chandlerville Village Clerk Beth A. Eilers pleaded guilty in Cass County court before Judge Bob Hardwick Jr. to one count of theft over $10,000 and one count of theft over $500 last Thursday.

Eilers, 46, accepted a plea agreement after making a first appearance Thursday on a second theft charge filed against her by Cass County State’s Attorney Matt Mays. The new felony charge was filed Monday and accused her of stealing more than $10,000 but less than $100,000 from the village of Chandlerville while she was clerk.
Count One, a Class 2 felony, alleged Eilers "took a large amount of U.S. currency from residents of Chandlerville. The exact amount is unknown. Eilers’ attorney, Springfield lawyer Rick Frazier, stated Eilers had been paying back the village and owes approximately $16,000. Cass County States Attorney Mays disagreed and stated the amount the village of Chandlerville was owed totalled $46,000.
The second case of theft over $500 stemmed from an arrest earlier this year on charges that Eilers took unauthorized funds from A-C Central PTO.
While Eilers could have faced up to seven years in prison, she accepted a plea agreement after making her first appearance Thursday. Eilers received a total of 48 months probation on count one and 30 months probation on count two, to be served concurrently. Eilers must also seek mental health counseling. 180 days in jail was stayed and will be reviewed August 14, 2014.
A restitution hearing was set for November 4. At that time, an agreement on the exact amount owed to the village of Chandlerville shoud be determined. Eilers has posted $30,000 in cashier’s checks with the circuit clerk’s office, which is to be applied toward the restitution.
“The village of Chandlerville and the PTO want to be repaid as soon as possible,” Mays said. “If the judge rules restitution is more than $30,000 then we’re going to follow through with the collection of it.”
Wendy Livengood was appointed as village clerk March 13 after Eilers stepped down from the position.

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