April 24, 2014

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Chandlerville Board concerned about Burgoo and fire debris PDF Print E-mail
Written by julie   

By Lynne Beard
The Chandlerville Village Board held a special meeting on July 31 regarding clean up of the Pool Hall property located on Main Street. Owner Evelyn Bugbee and Jeff Throm were in attendance. The board informed the couple it would not be responsible for cost of the property’s clean up. Mayor Tim Richard offered the village dump truck to help with hauling bricks. He, Garrett Shores, Rocky Snyder and several other residents helped Evelyn get started with the clean up. A local resident offered to take the bricks to his property. Three loads were hauled off. The board issued an ordinance violation for debris, weeds, and garbage on August 2. The couple had 10 days from the time of issuance to comply with the ordinance. After August 12, the city attorney Jerry Tice pursued legal action against the couple for violation of the ordinance.
At the regular August 14 meeting, Trustee Garrett Shores stated he will install a privacy fence around the Pool Hall property during the Burgoo festival. His business, Duke & Joannie’s Bar & Grill, has been negatively impacted by the trash and debris next to his outdoor beer garden. He has not been able to fix the damage done to his building because of the debris. Shores provides outdoor entertainment and food during the Burgoo festival. Removal of the refrigerators and freezers, which are now stinking and insect ridden, was of concern to all board members with Burgoo beginning Thursday, August 22.
In other business, two residents filed complaints about overgrown weeds, full burn barrels, and unkempt properties. The board issued numerous ordinance violations. One resident complained to animal control about dogs running loose in her yard on a daily basis, disturbing her dog. She didn’t think animal control was doing anything about this so she filed a complaint with a board member.
Mayor Richard wanted to thank Buster Sanitation for helping the village clean up full burn barrels by offering to pick them up at no charge. The company will also provide Nate’s Park with a dumpster free of charge during the upcoming softball and baseball season.
The village decided to suspend purchases of supplies used by residents who gather at the Community Building in the morning and afternoon for coffee and socialization. Mayor Richard offered use of the Community Building at no charge to residents who gathered at the Pool Hall on a daily basis after fire destroyed the building on July 4. The village initially provided coffee and condiments, water, and soda for the use of these residents. The board made a motion to stop buying coffee, sugar, plates, spoons, etc.
Since the village does not currently have a restaurant, Mike Butler, Butler’s County Line Inn, began serving breakfast from 6 – 9 a.m. and providing a room for the local card players who used to congregate at the Pool Hall.
The fire department reported that a pumper truck was not properly working. Trustees Sandidge and Livengood will examine the truck, determine the problem, and make repairs.
City Attorney Jerry Tice has written a new cemetery ordinance. Trustees are to review the ordinance and determine what corrections need to be made before the next meeting.
Georgia Eilers made a statement regarding the village’s consideration of a police officer. “When I worked at the Post Office, I called the County (Sheriff’s Dept.) a few times. They always responded quickly. I had several incidents and they always took care of them. I never had any problem with them.”
The Sheriff’s department has been patrolling Chandlerville more frequently and Mayor Richard has asked them to drive through the cemetery and check on things around town.
Dustin Fritsche, Extension Program Coordinator for Community and Economic Development, introduced himself to the board. He informed members of upcoming fall events, including a job fair. He encouraged the trustees to contact him if they have questions or need help with research on finding grant money, programs to help a new business, or find funds to help develop a business. He invited the trustees to a fall social event with federal and state elected officials. Community members may stop by his office at 651 S. Job, the University of Extension Building at the Fairgrounds in Virginia. Hollie Reid is Chandlerville’s representative.
In old business, the board discussed undermining of the sidewalks on Main Street and Division Street. They decided to dig out the rock and silt filling the ditches and plugging the drains on the corner of Main and Division Street.
The deed to Nate’s Park has been received from A-C school district.
Mayor Richard said he needs to contact Benton and Associates to ask if a service contract for the water storage tank is necessary.
The board discussed pending litigation in a short executive session. No action was taken.
In new business, the village hired Kobe Turner as a part-time employee. He is helping other workers paint parking space lines downtown, trim trees, and maintain the cemetery. New stop signs will be installed soon.
The board extended an invitation for residents and visitors to attend and celebrate the Burgoo festival this weekend. The Improvement Council spends countless hours planning and implementing this festival. Let’s show our support for them and our community by attending the event and having a great time visiting with family and eating great food.


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