April 16, 2014
Local businessmen help solve city problem PDF Print E-mail

By Steve Capps
For the Star-Gazette
Two local businessmen recently stepped forward with solutions to two environmental issues which have challenged Beardstown government. Public Works Director Gary Hamilton informed the city council earlier this summer that he no longer had anywhere to dispose of concrete waste. He also noted that the city brush collection site was nearly full.
At that time Sam Surratt, who operates a tree trimming business, informed the council that he was obtaining land formerly used as an old sand pit and EPA burn permits to dispose of his own brush. Surratt offered to dispose of the city’s brush and yard waste at the same site. He asked that the city simply help pay to operate and maintain equipment at the site.
Surratt eventually proposed an annual fee of $2,000 for this service. The matter was sent to the city attorney who prepared an agreement which the council will vote on next week.
Last week, Fred Loxley came to the council and informed them that he was opening a concrete recycling center. The center will employ equipment which breaks up the large cement chunks, removes the steel rebar, and pulverizes the remains into gravel. Loxley said that he is prepared to accept all Beardstown’s concrete waste free of charge.


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