April 24, 2014

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Roger Landon retires PDF Print E-mail
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By Leigh Morris
For the Star-Gazette

Roger Landon tried retirement about four years ago, but retirement didn’t take hold.
After 31 years and a month as an insurance agent, Landon is giving retirement a second try. July 31 was his last official day with Country Financial, 230 N. Main St., Virginia. Landon has worked in the Virginia office since April.

Landon grew up on a farm near Jerseyville and did not make his way to Cass County until 1967.
“I came here for a couple of years and forgot to leave,” Landon said.
He began his life in Cass County as an agricultural teacher at Chandlerville High School. In 1974, the school district named him principal. Those were wonderful and fulfilling years for Landon and his wife Jeannie (Regina). However, there was a cloud on the horizon called school consolidation. Realizing consolidation was inevitable and unwilling to leave Chandlerville, Landon made his way into the insurance business down the road to Jacksonville in July 1982. He began a 29-year run with his own Beardstown office on April 1, 1984
Though modest by nature, Landon has been a star performer for Country Financial. In fact, he is so valued that the company has persuaded Landon to continue as a part-time production assistant with the Virginia agency.
However, Landon would rather talk horses than insurance. In fact, he is passionate about horses, especially his favorite breed, the Morgan. And he looks forward to spending more time pursuing this interest. Today, the Landons own six Morgans, two American Quarter Horses, a Rocky Mountain and the very unusual Bashkir Curly. The Curly has a short body coat that has the feel of crushed velvet. Over this the Curly grows a thick, curly winter coat that often includes ringlets several inches in length.
One thing is certain about Landon’s retirement – he will be able to focus even more attention on his favorite cause: raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Landon takes great pride in the people of this area for helping raise more than $46,000 this year, an increase of over $6,000 from 2012.
“I love generous people,” Landon said. And it is apparent those people love Landon.
Landon and his wife have two sons, Mike and Brian. They also have three grandchildren, Marlee, 19; Kene, 17, and Brody, 5. The boys will be seeing a lot more of grandpa in the months and years to come.


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