April 24, 2014

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The following real estate transactions were recorded at the Cass County Courthouse:

llinois Housing Development Authority to Amy M. Coats – Lot5-Blk109-  Original Town of Ashland.
William Hetrick to David and Janice Moran – Sec32T18R12.
Thomas Alvarez to Beardstown Savings SB – Lot6Blk31 – Schl Comm Addn.
Salvadore Lopez-Bustamante to Maria DeJesus Alba Delopez to Juan L. Solquero Lica – Lot9,10,11-Blk138- Schl Comm Addn.
Sheriff of Cass County, circuit Court of Cass County, Kenink, McDermott Adm, Rebecca M. Schildman deceased to Illini Bank – Lot3-Blk91- Original Town of Ashland.
David L. Wankel and Carlette L. Wankel to David and Janice K. Moran – Sec33T18R12.
Habitat for Humanity of Cass and Schuyler Counties, inc. to Julio Ruiz Carpice – Lot4-Blk83 – Beard & Wares.
Barbara T. Koritz, Harrison R. Thornley and Eleanor T. Demoss to Gailen E. and Monica J. Thornley – Lot4 – Outlouts of Ashland.
Arjikaue Tchaklizo and Djaniba Alcoussa to Chris Tchaklizo – Lot11&12- Blk41 – Schl Comm Addn.
Federal National Mortage Assoc. to Lucas J. Cookson – Lot8,9,10,12 – Blk14 – Original Town of Ashland.
Ronald E. and Fern E. Tribble to James P. and Vickie S. Coats – Sec26T18R11.
Lonnie Gaile and Carolyn Thorman to Randy and Kathleen Ann Taapken – Lot5&6 – Rawlinswood Heights.
Fanning Oil Co. to Jay and Jack Inc. – Sec24-T18R12.
Mark Daniel and Penelope Ann Mulconrey to SRI SAI Reality LLC – lot3Blk31 – March & Beard.
Erik Avalos to Antonio Alvalos – Lot 4-Blk42.