April 21, 2014
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MY computer tells me that I was born on a Wednesday, that February 1922 was not a leap year. I am 33,549 days old. The days were never more precious than each one is now. My age is equivalent to a dog, 13.2 years old.

WHEN, I was born, the U. S. population was 105,710,620, today it is over 315 Million and increasing at an estimate of 6226 each day. The government says that there is one baby born every 8 seconds and that there is one death every 12 seconds.  Since you started reading this we’ve added six and lost four.
A GROUP of University of Illinois girl’s bicyclists on their tour from New York City to San Francisco went through Mt. Rushmore last week. Their trip is to raise $$$ for Cancer.
COMMUNITY service by volunteers has been a big thing in Beardstown, making Beardstown one of the best places to live.  A plaque as a memorial for the late Harry “Bud” Knippenberg, for the many years of volunteer service he gave on the Fall Festival Committee, will be placed on the stage in the city park at a later time.
RICHARD and Kathy Offerdahl were former Beardstown residents. Dick worked at the CIPS Co. and at one time was a Park Board member of the Beardstown Park District. Their son Jim was one of the park employees forty-five years ago; he and his wife Denise were in Champaign this spring, where his mother and sister Judy live. It was a rather special family reunion because the whole family was able to watch Jim’s son Jeff, play tennis with the University of Vanderbilt team vs. the No.  1, UCLA tennis team in the final 2013 NCAA Sweet 16 tennis tournament.   
ON WEDNESDAY, July 24, the Old Lincoln Courtroom and Museum Commission will have Sheila Simon, Lt. Governor of Illinois, as the key speaker. There will also be the dedication of the Audio-Visual Project honoring donors and volunteers.           
A CAMPER was hopelessly lost in Canada’s Saskahawan forest. He took his axe and chopped down a power line causing a major power shortage. Six hours later he was rescued by the linemen who appeared to repair the power line.
CATCHY signs seen recently: On a septic pumper truck, “Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels.” Another near Clinton, “Clean Rest rooms, Plenty of seating, No waiting.”
HIROSHIMA, one of the cities removed from the face of the earth by the WW 2 war-ending atom bomb, was rebuilt and is now one of the most beautiful new cities in the world.
ARE YOU one of the paranoid people who check behind their shower curtain for murderers? If you find one, what’s your plan?
YOU CAN tell a lot by a woman’s mood by her hands. For instance, if she is holding a gun, she is probably angry.
PEOPLE who read, write and play games, and engage in other mentally stimulating activities preserve memories at a rate at least 32 percent higher than those who don’t – and more importantly, readers and writers are more likely to avoid dementia.  That is the latest report from a study in Neurology, and I’m sure trying to do those things when I can stay awake.