August 23, 2014

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Initial damage assessment (originally published 7-1-10)


By Aaron Tebrinke

For The Star-Gazette

The following is the initial damage assessment of the straight-line wind event which occurred in the Beardstown area June 22. The information was completed by Beardstown GIS.

As of June 28, the assessment of Beard School Apartments has not been added to these totals. It is expected to be uninhabitable as a building, including all 26 apartments.

The following information was collected from June 22 to June 28.

• Total collected points representing damaged buildings that range from habitable without repairs to not feasible to repair: 42.

• Total single family homes damaged: 31.

• Total multi-family homes damaged: 1.

• Total mobile homes damaged: 2.

• Total businesses damaged: 5.

• Total unknown buildings damaged: 1.

Of the 42 documented damaged buildings...

• 7 were habitable without repairs.

• 15 were habitable with few repairs.

• 17 were uninhabitable and needed extensive repairs.

• 3 were a total loss and not feasible to repair.

Concerning the residents of the buildings that had insurance...

• 22 had homeowners insurance.

• 1 had renters insurance.

• 16 were unknown (not enough information to say yes or no).

• 3 had no insurance.

Concerning unique reasons for further comments about the buildings and residents...

• 7 residents had no one living in the structure at the time of the straight-line wind event.

• Zero residents did not have the building as a secondary residence.

• 8 residents had walls/roof covered by a tarp or plywood prior to the storm.

• 2 buildings had no one home during the damage assessment and could not determine the damage.

• 11 buildings had no one home during the assessment and the information was obtained by a neighbor, relative or another reliable source.

• 15 buildings had no unique reasons for further comments.