August 20, 2014

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Beardstown School District superintendent responds to reports PDF Print E-mail


‘I don’t know why us and nobody else’

Beardstown School District superintendent responds to reports

(originally published 12-30-10)


By Jody Woltman

Publisher Star-Gazette


Reggie Clinton, Beardstown School District 15 superintendent stated Monday that, “I don’t know why us and nobody else” when asked about recent state-wide news reports that the Beardstown district has received all state payments this year, including a total of $1.3 million on June 18, just days before the end of the school budget year.

As of early Dec., Beardstown was the only school district in the state that was caught up with state payments. The payment status came to light when the chief of staff for Senator Susan Garrett, D, Lake Forest, discovered that a local superintendent viewing state payment documents noticed some districts appeared to get payments on a regular basis and others did not.

Superintendent Clinton added, “it’s money that is due to us. I really don’t have a clue why we have received all payments and other districts haven’t. I have not made any contact with any politicians or anything. Nobody has called me and I haven’t called anybody.”

He added that the make-up of the school district depends on timely payments, as the school population of almost 1,500 students is 70% low income and the district relies on state and federal dollars.